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Before they breed, you should separate these female Danios to separate tanks. Gallbladder Gas And Bloating Danio Zebra. Anyway, the reason for this post is that I noticed about 10 days ago that one of my zebra danios was dropping a lot at the tail and wasnt swimming normally. Can danios breed with other type of danios? If you really need a photo I could get one I think. Re: Zebra Danio swollen belly #9. Then her stomach got big. Two of the red and one of the yellow are quite a lot bigger than they were originally, while the other yellow one is very small (I was getting worried about him/her since I thought the bigger ones were keeping food away, so I started feeding 3x daily instead of 2 and he/she seems happier). 1 decade ago. It likes to live with a shoal of Danios. Low water temperature can slow the digestive process, which in turn can result in gastrointestinal tract enlargement that puts pressure on the swim bladder. Although zebra danios are peaceful, they are active swimmers. Relevance. The Zebra Danio (Danio rerio) is a freshwater fish species of the Cyprinidae family.They are a widely distributed species ranging from India up to Nepal. After the rain season the fish gets back into riv… 20 Gallon Tank Bloated Danio. She's not swimming at all. Most popular Most recent. If you want the danio eggs to hatch, you will have to keep the parents from the eggs. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. Wow, she is full. I have put the danio with the red thing in its own tank, the red thing has gone back inside. can anyone help? Can zebra danios and neon tetras school together? By TheWolfRebel, 3 years ago on Fish Breeding & Handling Eggs And Fry. In fact it is bossy - but this only started today and the bloated Danio has been bloated since I got it. I did a water change because I haven't done one in 2 weeks and there was lots of waste floating around. I will ask my local fish store, but I don't know how likely it would be that they would work to save an inexpensive fish with no idea how old it is or how long it will live anyway. During this time, you have no other sign to go on but behavioral changes which can be easily noted if you are observant when it comes to your fish. My zebra had been rather round for a while now, I’ve tried feeding it frozen peas but there seemed to be no improvement. Answer Save. They've been doing just fine, but I just now noticed that they are both sort of bloated. Zebra danios are not aggressive, so you can safely add smaller fish to the same tank. I just bought her and her friends yesterday, and she had quite a bloated belly. Danios will eat their own eggs not long after they have laid them. One thing to look out for is gill flukes. 74 Posts . They don’t hurt each other and don’t harm other fishes. 3. Active 2 years ago. Imo, it just looks like she's produced eggs. A Disease of Immune-Compromised Fish . It looked bloated, and it looked like red - kind of like blood - inside the belly. Leopard gecko not eating and acting strange. 2. … 07/14/08 Hello, I have a zebra Danio who is 5+ years old. Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 25, 2012. hi everyone i posted a better pic of my zebra danio. I have a group of four zebra danios and they spawned today. Danios may be "fin-nippers", especially when they are not schooled with other fish. hi everyone i posted a better pic of my zebra danio. danios eggs zebra-danios. Sexing. Dog keeps biting at this spot on his tail. 101. catx. These are some of the reasons why most people prefer this fish in their aquarium. Well I have six zebra danios and one had a red thing sticking out of its butt, the last few days my zebra danios have been heavily bloated/filled with eggs I’m not sure. NatBarry: Breeding Freshwater Fish: 18: 02-28-2013 10:57 PM: Is My Platy Pregnant or Bloated? I have 5 zebra danios, I feed them Tetra Colour enhan... Zebra danios killing and eating all the other fish! Freshwater Fish Diseases,Algae Issues,Emergencies, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Video. Non fish photos. Thank you . 910 910. Originating from several places in central Asia, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar, the Zebra Danio is a very peaceful, and beautiful looking fish who will be a welcomed addition to any community tank. 4. The Danio rerio dwells in rivers and streams in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Bhutan. The male zebra danio has a torpedo-shaped body while the females tend t… 3 years ago. Come join the discussion about collections, displays, product reviews, accessories, classifieds, breeding, health, behavior, housing, care, and more! This is the second time this fall it has bloated up. This species is one of the most common aquarium fish due to a number of different reasons. Can an understock tank be under filtered? How Many Eggs do Zebra Danios Lay at Once? She's not swimming at all. Danio Filled with Eggs or Bloated? Bloated Zebra Danio. Frozen peas have to be cooked for a few minutes. However the fish keeps floating up easily, but manages to stay down at the same level - leading me to conclude it might be swim bladder disease. Know about its care guide for petting the fish. Any tips on how I can help? Fish can't digest the shell. Boiled peas help reduce bloat. Grid View List View. I got two zebra danios on Thursday. I mean, not the normal little "pouch" you see some Danio's with. Mar 30, 2019 #4 It just looks like a fat female zebra danio but if it got fat over night then it's a concern. Sometimes the condition is also known as bloat. 20 gallon long How long has the tank been running? I got one zebra danio which apparently seemed to have had an infection on one eye but isn't at all stressed but it's also got a bloated tummy (this is a male btw) which doesn't seem to go away..it's been at least a month or so now and i don't overfeed..anyone else have anything like this happen? I have 3 zebra danios, one of them has always been kinda skinny and racey (and semi-long finned too) and the other two have always been more round. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by dumpystig on Feb 28, 2007 21:57:44 GMT. Try to keep them in a separate tank in the breeding season when you are encouraging their reproduction process. If you fish is bloated feed it a defrosted, des jelled pea. His belly is so huge. Any help is very much appreciated as I know you all have many years of experience in keeping tropical fish. Text. Zebra Danios get their name from their apparent “Zebra like” stripes. It’s now suddenly struggling to swim, isn’t eating and it seems to have a red stomach where it looks a fit to burst. Zebra Danio at PetSmart. My zebra danio seems to have lost a bit of its tail? The adult species in large number can be encountered in puddles appeared during dry season and in flooded rice fields, where the fish feeds and spawns. Hi everyone was wondering if my female zebra danio is bloated or just fat? Cysts in the kidneys, fatty deposits in the liver, or egg binding in female fish can result in sufficient enlargement to affect the swim bladder. #2. Hi, I currently have two red and 2 yellow danios. you read and agreed to the. Some fish species may prefer a calmer environment. Im getting danios once th... How many days can a zebra danio go without food??? Zebra Danio are found in a range of different habitats from slow-flowing rivers and streams during the dry season to seasonally flooded pools/ponds and rice paddies during the monsoon season. 20 gallon tank my zebra ... Lost your API Freshwater Master test kit color chart? Quote. Zebra Danio with Severe Dropsy. Zebra Danio with Severe Dropsy. 74 Posts . 4 Answers. Originally, I wasn't worried. Member. Well done.> I have one other zebra Danio who is less than a year old, there was another younger zebra Danio but he died a while ago. 76F What is the entire stocking of this tank? Zebra danio wont eat! Therefore, if you have 4-5 female danios in your breeding tank, expect up to 500 eggs. Tropical world lounge. Filter by post type. Everything was great for the first 5 or 6 days, about then one of my danios started looking very bloated, was gasping for breath, had difficulty swimming and balancing upright. OOps ....sorry, but that's not good. Viewed 379 times 4. Welcome to tropical world. I got two zebra danios on Thursday. Zebra Danio. Tropical world chit chat . Her anal fin is very brown. But I've one that is very bloated looking and is not eating and swims sometimes on its side and even upside down. 3x Zebra Danios (The Daleks) 5x Leopard Danios (The Cybermen) 5 - 6 MTS Planted w/Resin Tardis (hence names) Report. I have a zebra danio that seems to have become bloated in the last 24 hours and become also really bloated. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 11 months ago. It is eating normally and is quite agile when chased etc. But I've one that is very bloated looking and is not eating and swims sometimes on its side and even upside down. Advertise your site. Their habitats consist of silty bottomed rice paddies full of lush green vegetation. I have a three year old zebra danio. Can I keep neon tetras zebra danios and a dwarf gourami together. Dec 10, 2019. Celestial Pearl Danios enjoy densely planted aquariums. Megaanemp. Why is my betta hiding? The tropical freshwater fish are fairly hardy and easy to care for. Hello, I hope someone can help me. It looks a bit bloated, but could be bearing eggs. How can you tell if your Zebra Danio has eggs? I thought it was a normal female trait. HI everyone, I need some help, 2.5 weeks ago I started my first tank, I cycled with apI quick start and five danios (zebra). Keep an eye on her for a while for any signs of stress. I just bought her and her friends yesterday, and she had quite a bloated belly. Why is my Zebra Danio bloated? I've had several tanks over the past years and most of them have included danios but I have never seen anything like this before. Bloated belly on a Zebra Danio...? Their stomachs look a little bigger, but they are swimming just fine. So My Zebra Danio will only swim at the top now.Has lost his appetite, and is bloated and has a red like wound that seems to be getting larger on the side/underside of the belly. The lounge. Staff room. ~7months Does it have a filter? Active 2 years ago. There are no spots/marks on the skin, and in fact the fish looks very healthy aside from that. This is probably the cause of the death you had and the swollen Danio IS probably in the beginning stages of dropsy. The previous time it went away over a few weeks. Breeding and feeding. Favourite answer. ; Other abdominal organs may become enlarged and affect the swim bladder. I did lose a few fish over the last few days 2 black neons 2 silver tips 2 neon tetras and a rummy nose. One of the most popular freshwater fish in the fishkeeping hobby today is the Zebra Danio (Scientific name: Danio Rerio). I'd expect eggs or obesity - probably both. Ensure the fish you are looking at is actually female and not just a fat male. i did a water change TODAY and they are still around 20PPM (it was slightly higher before). Consequently, any fish may be exposed to the dropsy-causing bacteria, but healthy fish rarely fall prey to the disease. Tank What is the water volume of the tank? Bloated Zebra Danio. DUH! Dec 10, 2019. kallililly1973. Zebra Danios, also commonly called the zebra fish, are a popular choice to keep in an aquarium. Are betta fish and zebra danios compatible? Up to now I've only got experience of livebearers, so time to get my books out and learn some more about the different fish I'm keeping. I have got 3 zebra danios, 2 99% sure female and 1 male. Can celestial pearl danios (galaxy rasboras) school with zebra danio? for some reason the nitrates in my danio tank are still higher than i want them to be? FishyPaws. Yes aqua clear 50 Does it have a heater? Zebra Danio, olde... beh. 3.

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