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How to use the coupon. I had fragile items of 1.35m-1.5m long and 500-600g, after protective packaging it weighs 2kg-3kg. Please use the coupon before its expiration date. Users from overseas can simply get items from Mercari via Buyee … Website IP is buyee.net is hosted in Beijing, Beijing, China and is owned by Wanghui (Wang Hui). (Our customer base is mainly overseas.) I had 5 of such items, 4 other small EMS item of 500g. I wrote to Buyee customer support in query and this is their reply: ‘As for the shipping fee, unfortunately we are not able to know why the shipping fee is 1,300JPY without further information regarding the shipment. Buyee is convenient. ... Click to expand... මට ඕනා ජපන් address එකකට යන්න බඩු. Buyee is a proxy service for Japanese products. We deliver beauty and quirks of Japanese culture to the rest of the world! Buyee TSE listed company ekak. All we know is that Japan Post Service has its own system to calculate the shipping fee.’ Here is good news for you! A lot of things have changed since my last blog post, but I realized to me, certain content is … ? On seeing this, I would not want to send 1 by 1 and wanted to try combining it into UPS. The tenso.com service is built upon customers' requests and voices. Based on the voices of our customers, we have started a "Consolidation Service" so that parcels from different shops can be shipped out together, as well as providing various "Shipping Methods", such as EMS, AIR, SAL, and Surface Mail. After consolidating- 10kg?? Japan-exclusive products! The coupon information can be confirmed from that email. You can’t register without a Japanese address and items also can’t be sent internationally. 1.35m was under EMS not UPS. For qualified customers, a notification will be sent to the email address registered to your Buyee account. Although there is a service fee, sometimes Buyee offers a coupon that waives the service fee so if you make use of those times, you are able to save some money. Features of Buyee. Buyee is a proxy shopping service that lets you bid and purchase Japanese products online. එතනින් කරන දෙයක් කරගන්න පුළුවන් කිසිම අවුලක් නැතිව. Buy Japan-exclusive products from anywhere in the world ! Buyee became Mercari’s official partner from September 2019. “Add to Buyee” is a tool that allows you to use Buyee’s proxy purchase service on Popular Japanese online stores. 8 were here. buyee.net was created on 2006-03-10. We buy the product on your behalf and deliver to your address. [Buyee Haul Part 1] - Buyee Review So I’ve decided to start-up my blog again. To use the coupon, please select PayPal as the payment method. Shipping fees tend to be high because its domestic (shipping from seller to Buyee) plus international (shipping from Buyee to you) shipping fees combined. Even proxy purchasing buyers were blocked by the system.

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