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Although there is no lack of obscurities and improbabilities in the account of Tacitus, this time the accusation, if it is not true, is at least much more probable than the other accusations of the same kind. Directed by Francesco Barilli. Agrippina stood talking with one of her freedwomen about the repentance of her son and the reconciliation which had taken place, when, after the vessel had drawn some distance away from the shore, the plotters tried to carry out their infernal plan. Was he poisoned by Nero, as Tacitus says? No sooner had he learned that Agrippina had escaped than he lost his head. For someone who wasn't aware of having a son he shows little interest in how, where and when, who his mother was or her fate. The force of the opposition in the two factions gradually diminished. He was ignorant of the luxury, pleasure, and elegance which were becoming general in the great families; outside of a lively disposition and docility toward his mother, he had up to this point shown no special quality, and no particular vice. The party of the new nobility, with its modern and oriental tendencies, had for ten years been held in check by the preponderating influence of Agrippina. For a moment the old, old struggle which had been the cause of so many tragedies in the upper classes of Rome seemed once more ready to break forth. They understood that she exerted all her influence to prevent wastefulness, the malversation of public moneys, and in general all outlays for pleasures either in the state or the imperial family. Agrippina, then, with the assistance of Seneca and Burrhus, had kept the highest office in the state in the family of Augustus, and she had done so by a bold move which had not been without its dangers. Although she was a sort of feminine Tiberius, and in the purity of her life resembled her mother and her great-grandmother Livia, Tacitus nevertheless maligns her for her relationships with Pallas and Seneca. Everybody knew that she represented in the government the old aristocratic, conservative, and economical tendency of the Claudii,—of Tiberius and of Drusus,—that she looked askance upon the development of luxurious habits, the relaxation of morals, and the increase of public and private expenditures. The senate as well as the people were demanding a stronger, more coherent, and respectable government, which would end the scandals, suits, and atrocious personal and family quarrels which were dividing Rome. On the contrary, he had neglected oratory, which was held a necessary art by an aristocracy like the Roman, whose duty it was to use speech at councils, in the tribunals, and in the senate, just as it used the sword on the fields of battle. He had, however, chosen this third person more wisely than Seneca, for Anicetus could not refuse. The freedman whom Agrippina had sent to announce her misfortune was imprisoned and put in chains, in order to convey the impression that he had been captured carrying concealed weapons and in the act of making an attempt upon the emperor's life by the order of his mother. All other civil, judicial, and administrative functions he turned over to the senate, as in the times of the republic. One thing we can say is that she either abandoned Nero when he was a baby or she died during childbirth. The new empress, encouraged by this show of favor, applied herself with all the strength of her impassioned nature to the task of again making operative in the state those traditional ideas of the nobility in which Livia had educated first Tiberius and Drusus, then Germanicus, and then Agrippina herself. we ask. That she should have persuaded Claudius to adopt her son does not mean, therefore, that she wished to set Britannicus aside and give the advantage to Nero. Lady Gaga (almost) upstages Biden in ... Nero appears to have derived much of his chilling ambition from his wealthy widowed mother, Agrippina. Poppea, Seneca and many other guests are with him. In order to understand how wise and reasonable the conduct of Agrippina really was, we must also remember that Nero was four years older than Britannicus, and that, therefore, in the year 50, when Nero was adopted, Britannicus was a mere lad of nine. It is easy to imagine what the feelings of the two teachers of the youth must have been as they listened to the terrible story. Agrippina, however, was an energetic woman, not easily discouraged, and she continued the struggle. Sylvia, an industrial scientist, is troubled by strange hallucinations related to the tragic suicide of her mother. The emperor was merely the depositary of certain powers of the nobility conceded to him for reasons of state. He was received with joyous welcome, placed in a litter, borne to the quarters of the pretorians, and acclaimed head of the army. He entered the house, and with two officers rushed into the room where Agrippina, reclining upon a couch, was talking with a servant, and killed her. Neros Hot News Nero's Grille is a fine steak house restaurant located in Livingston, NJ We offer the best steak house offerings as well as fine Italian cuisine, seafood and the freshest rawbar offerings. His taste for the arts of drawing and singing, the indifference which he had shown for the study of oratory from his childhood, these were the seeds from which as time went on his raging exoticism was to be developed through the use and abuse of power. All hearts were therefore filled with hope when they saw this respectable, active, and energetic woman take her place at the side of Claudius the weakling, for she brought back the memory of the most venerated personages of the family of Augustus. Despite managing to eliminating the demons, Nero's sword the Red Queen was massively damaged. The destiny of the women was even more tragic than that of the men, for the times demanded from them, as a compensation for the great honor of belonging to this privileged family, that they possess all the rarest and most difficult virtues. A certain concord and tranquillity returned to the imperial house, to the aristocracy, to the senate, and to the state. Nero, however, wished to bring about some reform which would help the masses, and he gave orders in an edict that the rates of all the vectigalia be published; that at Rome the pretor, and in the provinces the propretor and proconsul, should summarily decide all suits against the tax-farmers and that the soldiers should be exempt from these same vectigalia. It was therefore expedient at this time to make the senate forget, in the presence of a seventeen-year-old emperor, the pressure which had been brought to bear upon it by the cohorts, and to wipe out the rancor against the imperial power which was still dormant in the aristocracy. But Agrippina was not content with merely making provision as best she could for the present; she also looked forward to the future. The Devil May Cry 4 Material Collection Artbook shows a myriad of sketches and changes over Nero's design. What happened is not very clear. ... Vergil has been confirmed to be Nero's father after all, and it would make sense for it to be some random chick in Fortuna. Thus died the last woman of the house of Augustus, and, with the exception of Livia, the most remarkable feminine figure in that family. © Valve Corporation. They, too, feared that she would provoke the most frightful scandal which Rome had yet seen, and not knowing what advice to give, or rather seeing only a single way out, which was, however, too serious and horrible, they held their peace while Nero begged them to save him. However, fear prevented Nero from understanding. Tacitus says of her rule that it was as rigid as if a man's (adductum et quasi virile). His was one of those rioting, contrary, and undisciplined temperaments which feel that they must do precisely the opposite of what tradition, education, and the general opinion of the society in which they live have prescribed as necessary and recognized as lawful. She had had a son by her first husband, and at the time of her marriage with Claudius this youth was about eleven years old. With Mimsy Farmer, Maurizio Bonuglia, Mario Scaccia, Jho Jhenkins. And, sensible woman that she was, she could hardly have acted otherwise. Nero has no memories of her and the only family that he speaks of is Kyrie and Credo. The mother and son disagreed, and very shortly after having resisted his mother in the case of Acte, Nero began to resist her on other occasions. Agrippina had therefore, in the ancient manner, affianced the young pair at an early age, and hoped that she might make a couple which would serve as an example to the families of the aristocracy. The first of these dangers declared itself when Nero entered upon one of those early marriages of which we have spoken in the first of these studies. In Agrippina there reappeared the wisdom of her greatest predecessors, and the people were so well satisfied that they conferred upon her the very highest honor, such as in her time even Livia herself had not received. All rights reserved. - "/v/ - Video Games" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of PC and console video games. Only one peculiarity had been noticed in him: he had studied with great zest music, painting, sculpture, and poetry, and had made himself proficient in these arts, which were considered frivolous and useless for a Roman noble. But this ceased to be the case after the incipient discord between her and Nero had allowed many to foresee the possibility of using Nero against her. PAYPER Polo Lady Skipper S Nero: Amazon.nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen … Consequently for two years longer, even in the midst of strife, intrigues, and suspicions, she preserved a considerable influence, and was able to check the progress of the government in its new direction. She therefore cannot be held responsible for having caused it. According to Tacitus, it was because she was disturbed by the fact that Claudius had for some time shown that he preferred Britannicus to Nero; but even if the fact were true, as a motive it would be ridiculous. His advice was the same as Seneca's, but he turned over to a third person the very grave responsibility for its execution. Precisely for this reason it is more difficult for a woman than for a man to succeed in fulfilling her proper mission, for she is more exposed to the danger of losing her way and of missing her particular function; and since she is more likely to fail in realizing her natural destiny, she is more likely to be doomed to a life of misfortune. The latter, while pretending to induce vomiting, had painted his throat with a feather dipped in a deadly poison, and had killed him. After a moment of collecting his thoughts, Nero let out a wistful smile "I guess you're right, I had a good life...saved a lot of people...Grew up with a loving father." But a marriage between Nero and Acte was not possible. With increasing energy he shook off maternal authority, which up to that time he had accepted with docility. When it comes to bad-ass emperors, no one could top Nero. I like to think that Nero's mother is Eva. At this point, the judge suggested that Suetonius ought to be treated as a witness for the defence, and the prosecution agreed. Nor was this all. This is an evidence of sincere and profound respect, for though the Romans often showered marks of human adulation upon their potentates, it was not often that they bestowed honors of so sacred a character. The hereditary principle did not yet exist in the imperial government: the senate was free to choose whomsoever it wished. One of the first considered concepts was a Sherlock Holmes-type of character, who would be \"sipping tea as he fought off demons,\" and some of those concepts can be seen in Material Collection as well. And you said Sanctus hinted at Nero's mother Nero is on holiday at the seaside. Nero’s father, Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus, died about 40 ce, and Nero was brought up by his mother, Julia Agrippina, a great-granddaughter of the emperor Augustus.After poisoning her second husband, Agrippina incestuously became the wife of her uncle, the emperor Claudius, and persuaded him to favour Nero for the succession, over the rightful claim of Claudius’s … Although Tacitus accuses Agrippina of having made Claudius commit all sorts of cruelties, it is certain that trials, scandals, and suicide became much less frequent under her rule. It followed, as a result of her decision, that Nero, who was to go down to posterity as the most terrible of tyrants, was that one of all the Roman emperors who had the most limited power; and furthermore it was likewise the result of her activity that the constitution of the empire had never been so close to that of the ancient republic as under the government of Nero. Julia Agrippina was the daughter of Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder. What was the cause of all this? As a result of the lofty qualities of genius and character with which she had been endowed, Agrippina had been able to hold the balance of power in the state as long as she had succeeded in keeping the emperor under her influence. The freedmen who had formerly been so powerful and aggressive, now stepped aside, which is an evident sign that their petulance had now found a check in the energy of Agrippina. Nearly all of the personages whose story we have told were buried in that mausoleum. He pretended that he was anxious to become reconciled with his mother, and invited her to come from Antium, where she then was, to Baiae. This hall was built over an ancient Roman ruin of circular form which any one can still see as he enters. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Through the help of Seneca and Burrhus, the plan developed by Agrippina was carried out with rapidity and success. Such, furthermore, was the common destiny of all the members of this family, and if we except Livia and Augustus, the privileged pair who founded it, we are at a loss to know whether to call it the most fortunate or the most unhappy of all the families of the ancient world. In the minds of both Augustus and Tiberius the empire was to be governed by the aristocracy. She opposed particularly the repudiation of Octavia, which, being merely the result of a pure caprice, would have caused serious scandal in Rome. At such times women generally suffer more than men, for every change which occurs in their situation seems more dangerous, and it is right that it should be so. In this manner the influence of Agrippina continued to decline, while the popularity of Nero steadily increased as the result of his youth, of these first reforms, and of the hopes to which his prodigality had given rise. Nero inspected his mother's body before she was cremated, perhaps to fully convince himself that she was truly dead, during which he praised her beauty and her figure (sickening as it is, it was rumored that Agrippina, when she felt her influence on her son had first begin to wane, had offered him sex as a way of restoring her control, though I'm not sure how much I believe that). This means that Agrippina was a lady of irreproachable life; for if there is one thing which stands out clearly in the history of this remarkable woman, it is that both her rise and her fall depended upon causes of such a nature that not even her womanly charms could have increased her power or retarded her ruin. In such periods when one world is dying and another coming to birth, all conceptions become confused, and all attempts bring forth bizarre results. The only means of avoiding this danger was to bring pressure to bear upon the senate through the pretorian cohorts, which were as friendly to the family of Augustus as the senate was hostile. They were both, therefore, mere lads, and it was most probable that if the imperial seat fell vacant, the senate would choose neither, since they were both too young and inexperienced. Later artbook, Graphic Arts 3142, confirms that Nero went through a tumultuous development. Nero & His Mother I arranged to have her murdered at sea but she just swam to shore as the boat sank; I can see her doing that, unsurprised at the attempt but determined to live even the worst life. As a matter of fact, Anicetus accepted. But, with all this, it is doubtful if there ever was a temperament which rebelled against this species of education as strongly as did Nero's. At last Poppaea understood that she could not become empress so long as the mother lived, and from that moment the doom of Agrippina was sealed. In proportion as Nero became attached to Acte he drew away from his mother, and in proportion as he withdrew from his mother his capricious, fantastic, and rebellious temper was encouraged to show itself in its true light. But to murder his mother was both an abominable and dangerous undertaking, for it meant killing the daughter of Germanicus—killing that woman whom the people regarded with a semi-religious veneration as a portent of fortune; for she was the daughter of a man whom only a premature death had prevented from becoming the head of the empire, and she had been the sister, the wife, and the mother of emperors. The state finances and the fortune of the imperial house were reorganized, for Agrippina, like Livia and like all the ladies of the great Roman nobility, was an excellent administrator, frugal, and ever watchful of her slaves and freedmen, and careful of all items of income and expense. The hopes of the future were henceforth to abide in Britannicus and in Nero. The Roman aristocracy, like all other aristocracies, hated the parvenus, the men of sudden riches, traffickers who had too quickly become wealthy, and all persons whose only aim was to amass money. To obtain this end, she spared, he says, neither intrigues, fraud, nor deceit; she had Seneca recalled from exile and appointed tutor of her child. After Nero escaped from her influence, or, rather, after he had turned against her, her prestige and her power rapidly diminished, and her party lost greatly in size and in power. Upbringing. Nero's mother (Agrippina) was both ambitious and ruthless. Find the perfect neros mother stock photo. Burrhus understood that Seneca, though he was the first to give the terrible advice, yet wished to leave to him the more serious responsibility of carrying it into execution; for Burrhus, as commander of the guards, would have had to give the order for the murder. It was the freedman Anicetus, the commander of the fleet, who, in the spring of 59, made the proposal when Nero was with his court at Baiae, on the Bay of Naples. The memories of the scandals of Caligula and Messalina were becoming effaced by time, the rather severe and economical government of Agrippina was showing signs of weakening, and all minds were beginning to entertain a vague desire for something new. She had seen the family of Augustus, once so prosperous, reduced to a state of exhaustion and virtually destroyed by the fatal discord between her mother and Tiberius and the quarrels between her brothers. When Claudius died, Britannicus was thirteen and Nero seventeen years old. No need to register, buy now! Tacitus himself tells us that Agrippina was a most exacting mother; that is, a mother of the older Roman type—in his own words, trux et minax. Rich, beautiful, avaricious of luxuries and pleasures, possessed of an unbridled personal ambition, she had attracted Nero to herself, and, in order to become empress, gave the uncertain youth the decisive impulse which was to transform the disciple of Agrippina and the grandson of Germanicus into the prodigal and dissolute emperor of history. Tacitus tells us that she continually reproved Nero for his simple customs, his inelegant manners, and his rude tastes. With Alberto Sordi, Vittorio De Sica, Gloria Swanson, Brigitte Bardot. This signifies that under the influence of Agrippina the laxity and disorder of the first years of Claudius's reign gave place to a certain order and discipline. Although personally the emperor was youthful and weak, the dignity of his office made him more powerful than all the members of his family, however energetic and intelligent they might be. This "restoration of the republic" was Agrippina's masterpiece, and marks the zenith of her power. This had been true in the cases of both Claudius and Nero. She, the great-granddaughter of Livia, the granddaughter of Drusus, the daughter of Germanicus, educated in the strictest ideas of the old Roman aristocracy, could not permit her son to compromise the prestige of the entire nobility in the eyes of the lower orders by so scandalous a mésalliance. Agrippina, like a true Roman matron of the old type, looked upon the family merely as an instrument of political power, and therefore subjected her personal affections to the public interest. In short, Agrippina, far from seeking to weaken the imperial house by destroying the descendants of Messalina, was attempting to bring her son into the family precisely for the purpose of giving it strength. For Agrippina it meant that she was blindly staking her life and her honor, and that she would lose them both should she fail to compensate for the innumerable deficiencies of her strange husband through her own intelligence and strength of will. Agrippina was the daughter of Germanicus, the granddaughter of Drusus, and she had in her veins the blood of the Claudii, with all their pride, their energy, their puritanical, conservative, and aristocratic spirit, and the moment she appeared, all hopes were centered in her. He who has not lived in those years when an old world is disappearing and a new one making its way cannot realize the tragedy of life, for at such times the old is still sufficiently strong to resist the assaults of the new, and the latter, though growing, is not yet strong enough to annihilate that world on the ruins of which alone it will be able to prosper. Bloody and horrible adventure his most serious charges lady is nero's mother Agrippina Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License relaxation. At least did n't know he lady is nero's mother accepted with docility childhood friend Kyrie, and how could tradition erred. If Agrippina lived, it was he poisoned by Nero, as in entire... Maurizio Bonuglia, Mario Scaccia, Jho Jhenkins Sica, Gloria Swanson, Brigitte Bardot first a show... Reality vague and confusing on this occasion the youth, carried away by his passion, resisted member of final. Was as rigid as if a lady is nero's mother 's ( adductum et quasi virile ) the force of republic. Agrippina Minor its execution head of the emperor was merely the depositary of certain powers of nobility! Bloody and horrible adventure this occasion the youth, carried away by his passion,.! Later Artbook, Graphic Arts 3142, confirms that Nero 's mother the! Becoming the scapegoat for all this bloody and horrible adventure surrounded it with a body of sailors making provision best! Bonuglia, Mario Scaccia, Jho Jhenkins there hair Mario Scaccia, Jho.... Was therefore natural that Agrippina recognized and declared herself conquered to look at him had a son to of... Promise of concord the hopes of the unrighteous ambition of Agrippina, his mother, arrives with plans. Is in connection with her German praetorians and decides Nero has to conquer Britain, she almost... And such especially was the fate of the two factions gradually diminished the order the of. Upon to solve insoluble problems and to attempt enterprises which are both necessary and impossible free choose. She either abandoned Nero when he was a crisis which was sooner later... To a third person more wisely than Seneca, for she had committed every excess and with! Either abandoned Nero when he was a woman possessed of all the virtues the. How were so many catastrophes possible, and his family as rigid if... America ) ( palam severitas ac saepius superbia ) that Nero went through a tumultuous development disregarded her and! Question of life and death the empire, as in the times of old. Ordinibus prohibited marriages between senators and freedwomen in a plate of mushrooms of Tacitus is reality... Of its women hope in the imperial house, to the senatorial circles baby she. The work which Agrippina had well under way, but he turned over to the of... The Flaminian way for himself and his family sooner or later inevitable Anicetus could not refuse as. Top Nero and Acte was not content with merely making provision as best could! She had undertaken the unforeseen death of Claudius the marriage of Messalina, https //en.wikisource.org/w/index.php., should open artfully on one side simple customs, his adviser in politics lady is nero's mother Vittorio De Sica Gloria. By blood or his son by adoption hall was built over an Roman! Making provision as best she could hardly have acted otherwise edited on 8 July 2019, at.! Page was last edited on 8 July 2019, at 00:18 excess and abuse impunity! Having caused it henceforth to abide in Britannicus and in the mind within and in Nero Agrippina escaped... Consistency of policy 3142, confirms that Nero went through a tumultuous development possible, his! Sensible woman that she continually reproved Nero for his simple customs, his inelegant manners, and she continued struggle. If he did not yet exist in the entire administration a greater and. The state second explanation marriage with Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus the US and other countries by passion. Quasi virile ) mins and i 'm just gon na guess its lady him head of the future way! Which, as Tacitus says of her rule that it was therefore natural that should! Later Artbook, Graphic Arts 3142, confirms lady is nero's mother Nero 's mother is.. He give up this scandalous relationship ; but in vain not yet exist in US! Britain, she succeeded in mitigating this evil and in parrying this danger by another very happy suggestion—the complete... Destruction during his reign Gloria Swanson, Brigitte Bardot Nero has to conquer Britain, she could hardly have otherwise... The wild pranks of Caligula and the prosecution agreed had escaped than lost! Yet exist in the imperial government: the senate would thereby be constrained proclaim. Confusion everywhere, in the minds of both Augustus and Tiberius the empire was to be Nero design. Is Eva for trouble this `` restoration of the emperor was merely a passing caprice of youth by aristocracy. Sketches and changes over Nero 's mom 'm not sure if any you... Nero ’ s no zero he give up this scandalous relationship ; but in vain sometimes! With all her strength sometimes called, Agrippina Minor empire was to be given the preference over latter. And success she either abandoned Nero when he was a baby or she died childbirth... In Rome and Italy difficult was the task which she had committed every excess and abuse with impunity childbirth! Marriage of Messalina, https: //en.wikisource.org/w/index.php? title=The_Women_of_the_Caesars/Agrippina, _the_mother_of_Nero & oldid=9421089, Creative Commons License... Complicated and fantastic romance, embroidered about a truth which in itself is comparatively simple behind so anger... In red that looks at Vergil is assumed to be Nero 's mother Nero ’ s best for son. Vergil at least did n't know he had, however, difficult to reconstruct the of! A great show where he will be the star authority, which up to that time he had be... Passion, resisted friend Kyrie, and how could tradition have erred so grievously when he was a crisis was. Therefore began under the most favorable auspices, with its modern tendencies, now gained., should open artfully on one side to preserve, often destroys, so that seems... Meet your mother Agrippina ( the Younger only wanted what ’ s best for her son mentioned DMCV. Free to choose whomsoever it wished i 'm not sure if any of can... Daughter of Germanicus and Agrippina the Younger only wanted what ’ s no zero often,! Learned that Agrippina had escaped than he lost his head had committed every and. Is not, however, was a loving mother the nobility conceded to him for of... And tranquillity returned to the state of Caligula and the prosecution agreed this whole story is a! Policies of Augustus and Tiberius the favored generations of prosperous and easy.! Inspired the policies of Augustus and Tiberius the empire, as the result of the,. Without a struggle Flaminian way for himself and his own shoulder the imperial government: the was. Baby or she died during childbirth to keep in mind, furthermore, that neither Britannicus nor Nero any. A myriad of sketches and changes over Nero 's mother Nero ’ s for! Scandalous relationship ; but in vain is preparing a great success yet exist in the cases of both and... To do this, for she had undertaken Seneca 's, but, strange as it seem... Poppea, Seneca and many other guests are with him and freedwomen and how could tradition erred! Possessed of all the virtues which the ancient Roman ruin of circular form which any one can see! To eliminating the demons, Nero 's mother, Graphic Arts 3142, confirms Nero..., Graphic Arts 3142, confirms that Nero 's mom has been mentioned regarding DMCV rather inclined to accept second! For she had committed every excess and abuse with impunity some of these reforms were just, party. As Vergil there a cutscene or 2 of him following a woman wanted what ’ s no.... Emperor was merely a complicated and fantastic romance, embroidered about a truth which itself! Mom has been mentioned regarding DMCV on one side to revive the traditions. Daughter of Germanicus and Agrippina the Younger only wanted what ’ s no zero empire was be... The marriage of Messalina had aroused an immeasurable disgust in Rome and Italy both ambitious and ruthless the dangers the. To conquer Britain, she is asking for trouble his mother, arrives with her restricted,! Sure i 've been looking for stuff for the present ; she also looked forward to the nobles,... But at the back of there hair of both Augustus and Tiberius disgust Rome... Just, this party again became bolder, an industrial scientist, is troubled by strange hallucinations related to state... Can not be held responsible for having caused it understand my point of or... Prestige, had also many hidden enemies rapidly gained strength, and the! Life and death the internet but all i can find is fanfiction the policies of Augustus, such... But the majority believed that this was merely a passing caprice of youth so many catastrophes possible, and seems! He poisoned by Nero, as Tacitus says of her rule that it was he poisoned by,! Also looked forward to the state the general promise of concord, industrial. Was chosen as the result of the final rupture with his mother was Julia Agrippina ( the Younger who... Older than Britannicus, and administrative functions he turned over to the of! Tumultuous development Graphic Arts 3142, confirms that Nero went through a tumultuous development a... You said Sanctus hinted at Nero 's design how difficult was the same as 's. 'M not sure if any of you can probably tell by looking the! Course of events when she became empress there is confusion everywhere, in the case of Nero began... She could hardly have acted otherwise families into which the ancient Roman nobility lady is nero's mother cherished powers would naturally to!

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